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Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Domestic Violence Project Available

The Racine CoC currently has a Permanent Supportive Housing project serving domestic violence individuals and families, available for funding. 
The project consists of:
·       6 units scattered site PSH project – City & County of Racine: Racine (3), Burlington (1), & Waterford (2)
·       Project receives HUD CoC funding for leasing, supportive services, operating, and administration costs
·       Sub-population: Domestic violence
·       Existing Renewal Project – 1 year

Project funding availability and time frame
Current dollar award:  $63,819.00
Match (cash or in-kind): 25% of all non-leasing components is required.
Project availability: immediate upon approval from HUD*
date of contract through April 30, 2021 with eligibility for renewal through CoC grant application process
* if more than one party expresses interest may need review and approval through Racine CoC Leadership Council to determine award.

Qualified Organizations
Must demonstrate successful experience:
·       working with federal grants,
·       working with PSH projects providing supportive services
Minimum Additional requirements:
·       501(c)(3) in good standing
·       Must maintain active membership with CoC
·       Must follow monitoring and other CoC requirements for CoC projects
·       Must use CoC Coordinated Entry process
·       Must adhere to the Housing First model

Department of Housing and Urban Development
CoC Program Interim Rule 24 CFR Part 578
Supportive Housing Program 24 CFR Part 583
Deadline to express interest: Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 5 p.m.

Teresa Reinders,
Director City & County of Racine (WI-502)