CoC FY24 NOFO Funding Competition Information

TBA, 2024  |  Racine Local CoC FY24 Funding Rating & Ranking Prioritization

TBA, 2024  |  Mandatory Informational & Planning Zoom meeting for FY23 CoC Competition projects - new and renewal. The meeting will review voluntary reduction amounts, requirements for new projects, how to include health services through MOUs, and a brief discussion of leveraging other housing funding resources. 

TBA, 2024  |  HUD releases detailed instructions for FY23 CoC

TBA, 2024  |  FY22 CoC-funded agencies who intend to voluntarily reduce a current project, expand an existing one, or submit a new application. Agencies must notify via email their intent.

TBA, 2024  |  HUD has opened the application process through e-Snaps for renewal and new project applications. Renewal projects may be entered through e-Snaps.

TBA, 2024  |  Agencies submitting a renewal application for FY2023 CoC Funding must complete and return the Rating & Ranking DEI Questionnaire  

TBA, 2024  |  Agencies submitting a renewal application for FY2023 CoC Funding should have APR (FY23) confirm data accuracy    

TBA, 2024  |  Deadline for 2022 funded partners to email CoC Director of intent to reapply.

January 11, 2024  | FY24 CoC Program Registration for Collaborative Applicants - Our registration documentation


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Tools and Tips for FY2024 HUD CoC NOFO

[updated 01/11/2024]