CoC Providers

Bethany Apartments, Inc.

Bethany Apartments offers women and children who have experienced abuse or violence a place to live, heal, and grow in a  supportive, safe, and secure environment.

Burlington Transitional Center, Inc. [Emergency Shelter]

The mission of TLC is to give families a chance to gain or regain their independence.  Homelessness happens for a variety of reasons – sudden job loss, inability to cope due to mental illness, domestic abuse, and abandonment.  Shelters and food pantries provide basic necessities, but real change comes from transforming lives through help, hope, and education.

TLC provides quality and compassionate services to people (primarily women and children and intact families) who have become homeless in Western Racine County.  Respect and dignity to those served is an underlying tenet, as is connecting them to the community. TLC provides basic food and shelter while transitioning people to permanent housing, education, jobs and dependable child-care.

Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization, Inc. (HALO)  [Emergency Shelter]

The Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization (HALO) offers each person an opportunity to begin their journey from dependency towards self-sufficiency. We understand that each person that enters our shelter program comes with their own dreams, goals, and needs, and it is our goal to help them reach these goals safely.

Hopes Center of Racine, Inc. 

HOPES Center provides services directly to people experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness in their journey to a stable home. Services are provided at the HOPES Center office, on the streets at night, and in other remote locations.

Hospitality Center of Racine

The Hospitality Center is a community of hope and dignity that welcomes all. We provide a space to gather and connect with essential resources.The Hospitality Center provides basic needs: breakfast and lunch, a monthly laundry program, daily morning prayer, support groups, and more. 

Racine Vocational Ministry, Inc.

Racine Vocational Ministry is a faith-based nonprofit organization whose services go beyond simple job placement to a holistic approach that cares for and addresses the whole person.  

SAFE Haven of Racine, Inc. [Emergency Shelter]

SAFE Haven provides residential services to runaway and homeless youth. Additionally, SAFE Haven staff work to prevent youth from running away or becoming homeless through drop-in or home-based services.

Women's Resource Center, Inc. [Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter]

The mission of Women’s Resource Center is to provide crisis intervention, advocacy, education and prevention services for a diverse population of victims or individuals at risk of Domestic Abuse and/or sexual assault, by promoting positive changes for individuals served and the broader community in Racine County.