FY2023 Racine CoC Collaborative Application Packet

CoC Collaborative Application

  Renewals Projects           

        Permanent Supportive Housing Projects - 

             Center for Veterans Issues - PSH Racine

             HALO - APOMO PSH

        Rapid Rehousing Projects - 

            HOPES Center RRH - Families with Children

            Lutheran Social Services - Welcome Home

        Non-Housing Projects

           Institute for Community Alliances: Coordinated Entry 
           Institute for Community Alliances: Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS)     
           Institute for Community Alliances: Coordinated Entry Expansion FY23

           HALO - CoC Planning Project FY2023

  New Projects

      Bethany Apartments DV Bonus Project

      SAFE Haven Youth Housing Project CoC Bonus Project

  CoC Project Priority List

  CoC Rating and Ranking Procedures