Final FY22 Racine CoC Final Project Selection & Prioritization

On behalf of the Racine CoC and Collaborative Applicant, this serves as formal notification regarding the final project selection and prioritization. A previous notification of the initial selection and prioritization was sent on Saturday, September 10, 2022, with an appeal deadline of Tuesday, September 12, 2022, by 8:00:00 AM CST. These dates were previously made public in the competition timeline and posted on the Racine CoC website. One agency appealed its prioritization ranking by the appeal deadline on Monday, September 12, 2022.  The entire prioritization process was sent back to the Rating and Ranking Committee to review and reconsider the entire selection and prioritization after 2 (two)  errors were identified. The committee revised its initial recommendation, which impacted 2 (two) agencies.  Both of those agencies were notified, and neither agency appealed the change. No other project applications were impacted, but data and the prioritization procedure were reviewed for all project applications to ensure the process followed the procedure and the scoring was correct. Members of the Leadership Council, who are not affiliated with any agency applying for funding, approved the revised recommendation on Thursday, September 15, 2022. HUD requires us to notify all applicants of the following in a manner other than through eSNAPS. All applicants were notified by email Thursday, 9/15/2022 10:15 PM CST.

  1. There were no involuntary reductions in funding for any project.
  2. There were no increases in funding for any project.
  3. The following is the final prioritization that will be submitted to HUD in the Racine CoC application. (See chart at bottom of this page)

The local appeal deadline was Tuesday, September 12, 2022, and has passed. The only change that will be made prior to submission would be to correct the amount of funding in the funding column due to a clerical (typo) error. Except for HALO APOMO PSH, the amount for renewals should match the GIW. The amount for expansion, new projects, and HALO APOMO PSH should match the amount in the application.  HALO made a small voluntary reallocation reduction from the GIW award. The appeal procedure to HUD is found in the CoC NOFO beginning on page 95.

The Planning Grant is not prioritized, and there is separate funding.  Thus, it is not included in the prioritization chart.

Renewal Projects - PSH:

Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization,
    A Place of My Own (APOMO PSH)  $542,861.00

Center for Veterans' Issues, Ltd.
    PSH Racine        $219,449.00 

Renewal Projects - Rapid Re-Housing 

Hopes Center of Racine 
     Hopes Center Rapid Re-Housing Project  $110,185.00

SAFE Haven of Racine 
     Safe Passage Rapid Re-Housing Project  $69,478.00

Renewal Projects - Coordinated Entry and HMIS

Institute for Community Alliances 
   Coordinated Entry    $37,525.00     
   Homeless Management Information System  (HMIS)  $15,000.00

Expanded and New Project Applications

Institute for Community Alliances 
Homeless Management Information System  (HMIS)  $15,000.00

Lincoln Lutheran Social Services (LSS) (Rapid Rehousing Project)  
  Welcome Home Racine $ 89,559.00 

Ranked by Order


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Posted 09/19/2022

* LC members with conflicts of interest excused themselves from the voting process.