RACINE Continuum of Care

Lead Agency Representative:  Gai Lorenzen
Continuum of Care Director:  Teresa Reinders
E-mail contact: racinecocorg@gmail.com

The Collaborative Applicant/Lead Agency is the organization designated to apply for and manage the HUD CoC Program NOFA, State of WI EHH and City of Racine ESG funded applications within the CoC, and oversight of compliance with HUD regulations. The Racine CoC selected the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization (HALO) to fill this role.

Homelessness and Housing Alliance of Racine County

“The Alliance” is composed of community organizations and individuals interested in ending and preventing homelessness. It has a separate leadership structure from the Racine CoC, but is a committee within the overall Racine CoC structure. While it has its own initiatives, it supports the efforts of the Racine CoC, including members serving on CoC committees.

President: Teresa Reinders, Racine Continuum of Care

Vice President: Sharen Pease, Center for Veteran’s Issues

Secretary: Michelle Lussmyer, Catherine Marion Housing (Bethany Apartments)

Treasurer: Lynn Hegeman, Women’s Resource Center 

Working to Prevent and End Homelessness in Racine County, Wisconsin.