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Equity, Diversity, and Gender Inclusion Workgroup

Post date: July 23, 2021

Objective: The Equity and Diversity Work Group is being formed under the Systems Performance Committee for the purpose of assessing and providing recommendations to address and eliminate gaps in racial, ethnic, and gender, equity within the COC, including service provision, service outcomes, and COC / Alliance structure and activities.
Terms of Reference: The Equity and Diversity Work Group will:

  • Assess and Report: Assess Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Disparity within the COC using available tools and data and produce a report at least annually highlighting the status of Racial, Ethnic, and Gender, Equity in the COC. (The Systems Performance Committee will assist with access to data and assessment and reporting tools.) The workgroup will also review the membership of the Alliance and its core documents to assess the COC/Alliance’s level of diversity.
  • Develop Recommendations: Present recommendations on addressing identified disparities and increasing racial, ethnic, and gender equity within the COC to the COC Leadership Council and provide recommendations for increasing the diversity of Alliance membership and participation.

Present Assessments and Recommendations: Make presentations to the Homelessness and Housing Alliance on topics related to racial, ethnic, and gender equity, and present the work group’s reports and recommendations to the broader group and community.  

Membership: People interested in becoming members of the Equity and Diversity Work Group should contact Teresa Reinders, COC Director, at treinders@haloinc.org  and let her know. She will compile a list and assist in organizing the first meeting. The chair will actively invite people of different ethnicities and backgrounds with the objective of having workgroup membership reflect the diversity we seek in the Alliance.