Coordinated Entry

Coordinated Entry System (CES) 🧘‍♀️

is a centralized system for people residing in Racine County with a housing crisis to access local housing information and referral to appropriate services.  It utilizes the application of a transparent and consistent assessment process to prioritize participants with the greatest needs for Prevention, Diversion, Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, Rapid Rehousing, and Permanent Supportive Housing. The system assures equal, fair, and low barrier access to services and housing.  It guarantees accountability for participants, service providers, and referral sources. 

The Continuum of Care for the City & County of Racine (WI-502), hereafter referred to as the CoC, is the local planning body that coordinates housing and services funding for households at risk or experiencing homelessness. These standards do not replace policies and procedures created by individual homeless services providers, but rather they provide an overall context for projects receiving federal, state and local funding.  Projects that receive Continuum of Care, Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), or State of Wisconsin Homelessness directed funding must abide by the Written Standards. Projects funded through other sources are highly encouraged to follow these standards.

HUD Criteria for Defining Homeless and Recordkeeping Requirements

Working to Prevent and End Homelessness in Racine County, Wisconsin.