The Continuum of Care for the City & County of Racine (WI-502)

The only requirement for membership in the Continuum of Care for the City & County of Racine (Racine CoC), is an interest in ending and preventing homelessness.  We encourage those who are formerly homeless or who are currently experiencing homelessness to be part of the Racine CoC. There are no dues for the Racine CoC.

Homelessness and Housing Alliance of Racine County (The Alliance)

Although membership dues are not required for the Racine Continuum of Care, the Alliance has membership dues of $100/organization or $25/ individual not affiliated with a member organization as an employee or board member. Membership dues are not required of persons currently or formerly experiencing homelessness.

In addition to membership dues the Alliance requires a signed membership agreement to vote.  Non-members are welcome to participate and provide input.

Working to Prevent and End Homelessness in Racine County, Wisconsin.