Committees and Workgroups

In addition to having regular monthly meetings, the Continuum of Care for the City and County of Racine, U.A. has the following active committees and workgroups.

Steering Committee

Please see the Leadership page for information about the Steering Committee and contacting the CoC.

Resource Development Committee

Chair:  Pamala Handrow – Catherine Marian Housing/Bethany Apartments

Role: The Resource Development Committee (RDC) is responsible for identifying and developing financial and personnel resources to increase the CoC capacity for serving the homeless and for homeless prevention. The RDC identifies potential funding sources and assists with the preparation and oversight of grants. In addition, the RDC identifies staff development issues, resources, and training. The RDC is responsible for increasing the overall capacity of the CoC and, as such, oversees performance evaluation and the development of a coordinated assessment system in Racine County.

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HMIS Committee

Co-Chairs:  Jen Loiacano, Burlington Transitional Living Center and Sharen Pease, Center for Veteran’s Issues

Role: The HMIS Committee is responsible for developing  policies and procedures , identifying training needs and opportunities, and overseeing agency data quality.  Wisconsin Service Point (WISP) is Wisconsin’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).

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Housing Workgroup

Chair:  AJ Jelks, Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization (HALO)

Role: The Housing Workgroup was appointed to identify and implement strategies designed to increase housing stability, maximize the use of existing housing resources, identify and develop new housing opportunities and increase the number of clients placed in permanent housing.

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Income Workgroup

Chair:  Vacant

Role: The Income Workgroup was appointed to identify and implement strategies designed to assist clients in accessing            non-cash mainstream benefits and maximize opportunities to obtain and maintain employment opportunities.

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 Case Manager Workgroup

Chair:  Sharen Pease, Center for Veterans issues

Role:  The case manager workgroup was formed to enhance communication and build relationships between front-line staff across the Continuum of Care, as well as provide a forum for training and development.

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Please visit our Meeting Minutes page to view minutes of past meetings.

Working to Prevent and End Homelessness in Racine County, Wisconsin.